Great Lakes, Michigan-Wisconsin

OK my folks moved from Boynton Beach, Florida to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Who does that you ask? Well, people in my family do. As fate would have it I had a Web design project in Port Washington, down the road apiece from Sheboygan.

Visiting the Great Lakes was a Road Trip I Never Saw Coming

I smell a road trip. And out the door we went. I am a devoted Cleveland Indians fan, and we were in the neighborhood. First stop a ballgame in Cleveland. Buoyed by roadside tamales in Toledo we drove on to Macanaw City. There we took a fast boat to Mackanac Island and ate lunch at an Irish Pub.

On the way to Mackanac Island, Michigan
Fast boat to Mackanac Island

Then down the other-side of Michigan to Sleeping Bear Dune Park to see their mile high sand dunes. Amazing! A note of caution if you plan on walking from the top of the dunes to the beach below, remember what goes down must come up. To get an idea of the scale those specs in the dune with beach photo are people. The ones walking down are having fun and the ones walking up are not.

To cross Lake Michigan we boarded a cruise ship in Ludington and arrived a few hours later in Manitowoc. Then to Sheboygan Falls, the town features manicured lawns with flowers everywhere. Then finally to Sheboygan, home of the Kohler Showroom.

Whew, now I need a vacation.

Cleveland Indians Ballgame at Progressive Field
Fast Boat Ride to Mackanac Island, Michigan
pUlling into port at Mackanac Island
Mackanac Island
Mackanac Island Hotel
Sleeping Bear Park, Michigan
The Sand Dunes at Sleeping Bear Park, Michigan
Floral display at Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin
Floral display at Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin
Kohler Showroom in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Commode King
Nice Sink
Boss Crow

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