Simmons Bayou Sunsets

Simmons Bayou sits on the coast just south of Port St. Joe on 30A. It faces west with a nice but distant view of Cape San Blas and Blacks Island. The sunsets in this area are gorgeous.

Favorite Part of the Day? Shooting a Spectacular Sunset.

My favorite part of the day, walking down to the dock and shooting a spectacular sunset. It's quiet, the insects are trilling, frogs burping, birds chirping, fish jumping, just the perfect time of day.

Simmons Bayou, looking out towards Cape San Blas
Simmons Bayou Sunset

I use a Panasonic mirrorless micro four-thirds camera with a telephoto lens in shutter priority mode stepped down two ƒ-stops. This allows me to control my shutter speed to reduce hand-held vibration with the telephoto and it saturates the scene. Which produces the sunset photo rich and deep colors that appeals to me.

I especially like the birds at sunset and since my dock was destroyed by Hurricane Michael, I'm also enjoying shooting sunsets through the trees.

See more sunset and bird photos HERE.

See more sunset photos through trees HERE.

Simmons Bayou
Simmons Bayou Sunset with Palm Tree
MBird eating fish in St. Joseph Bay
Simmons Bayou Sunset
Sunset through the trees
Sunset with last boat to Blacks Island
Simmons Bayou, Port St. Joe Sunset
Bird at Sunset in Gulf County
Beautiful Simmons Bayou Sunset
Another fine sunset in Port St. Joe
Simmons Bayou Sunset through a Tree
Simmons Bayou Sunset Looking out towards Cape San Blas
Boss Crow

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